Doug Bell
7'4" Hawaiikine

Steve Hadley

Dan Kennedy on "Velo Stubby"

Photo request: Photo Request

Page 300: Mattherman and Everett

Page 399: Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center

Page 398: Assortment From The Past

Page 397: Orion Shepherd Oldy

Page 396: B. Dewees Collection


Page 394: B. Dewees
Page 393: Miscellany
Page 392: B. Bartle Find
Page 391: S. McDonald Find
Page 390: D. Kennedy N.J.
Page 389: Mr. Albers
Page 388: Kip Armstrong
Page 387: R. Russell D Machine
Page 386: One of a Kind
Page 385: Strange Partners
Page 384: Mr Adler and Mr Gooch
Page 383: Henry Knapp Gun
Page 382: Greg West Collection
Page 381: Yoichiro's Stubby
Page 380: Bernhard in Germany Find
Page 379: J McClean Liddle
Page 378: K Sherman Collection
Page 377: R Lizares Fish Find
Page 376: Steve Stadler Liddle
Page 375: P Diamond & Friends
Page 374: Z Klein Pair
Page 373: Look Up
Page 372: 1968 Jim Sudal Find
Pace 371: FS CList Liddle
Page 370: #1349
Page 369: Matthew Muravez Liddle
Page 368: Patagonia GL
Page 367: Image Search
Page 366: Knee Trio
Page 365: Cosmic Gun
Page 364: Nico B
Page 363: Surrounded
Page 362: Froghouse Find
Page 361: 70's Profile
Page 360: On the Fence
Page 359: Oliver Parker
Page 358: B. Gilmore
Page 357: Shoulders
Page 356: The Fence
Page 355: William Lasalla
Page 354: More Mr. Miller
Page 353: Rincon 1976
Page 352: D. Kennedy
Page 351: In Trim
Page 350: Adam Muniak
Page 349: M. Miller Spoon
Page 348: Monnett Offspring
Page 347: M. Monnett LB
Page 346: D. Holmes Find
Page 345: For Sale Tri Fin
Page 344: Beginning Pair
Page 343: Ed Heck question?
Page 212 Update: P. Suprenant Find Info
Page 342: B. Maron Collection
Page 341: A. Casagrande
Page 340: 70's C.List Find
Page 339: "Night Moves" D. Kennedy
Page 338: S. Mires Second Look
Page 337: S. McDonald
Page 336: R. Melendez Unusuals
Page 335: R Melendez Tri
Page 334: R. Thomas "DM"
Page 333: P. Germann Shop Find
Page 332: M.Rohrer & O.Shepherd
Page 331: J. Lopez #182
Page 330: J. Mohror Earyl '70 Find
Page 329: Beaten and Broken
Page 328: R.C. Aparicio
Page 327: Woody's
Page 326: W. Joseph
Page 325: J.D.Davanzo KP Find
Page 324: Haneda and Yoichiro
Page 323: L.Nagle Maui Find
Page 322: M. Herman
Page 321: KP Potpourri
Page 320: Lamoureux & Holmes
Page 319: K. Armstrong
Page 318: R. Stassi Liddle
Page 317: M. Talcove Find
Page 316: M. Herman Find
Page 315: R. Bushnell
Page 314: M. Breul Find
Page 313. T. Reynolds Duo
Page 312. J. Evans "DM"
Page 311: D.Pingaro

Page 310: Matt Rohrer Find
Page 309: Mark Breul Find
Page 308: B. Kalmenson
Page 307: Where is Everyone?
Page 306: Condor SK Combo
Page 305: MG Currin Combo
Page 304: Mr. Miller
Page 303: K. Bond Quiver
Page 302: London Liddles

Page 301: Crystal/Davis

Page 300: Burrito Ghosts
Page 299: Fleishcher Find
Page 298: R. Pigg
Page 297: Dr. Miller BDay
Page 296: P.Crampton Find
Page 295: D. Robinson
Page 295: Mr. Easter Quiver
Page 294: S. Mires Transition
Page 293: S. Zechar Keeper
Page 292: Malibu 1951
Page 291: C. Presley Borrow

Page 290: P. Carillo Find
Page 289: R. Pigg Quiver
Page 288: D. Holmes Liddle
Page 287: Spencer Hale Find
Page 286: Viva La France
Page 285: Mr. D. Robinson 2
Page 284: D. Robinson
Page 283: 3rd Gen on #22
Page 282: Stubby Sunset
Page 281: P. Germann #3766

Page 280: More K. Collings
Page 279: More Mystery Gun
Page 278: W. Herron Restore?
Page 277: B. Bob and Friend
Page 276: Sean's PB
Page 275: Mr. O'Sullivan
Page 274: R. Reno Beginnings
Page 273: Fin Foils from the Past
Page 273: Joel Bass Shark Repellent
Page 272: #3842 C'list Find
Page 271: Arjam Collection
Page 271: Everyone but Batlle

Page 270: A Kneisley Find #846
Page 269: K.Collings in P.R.
Page 268: N.Batlle New Stubby
Page 267: Ugly Duckling
Page 266: Jason Stein MP
Page 265: R. Thomas
Page 264: In The Beginnig
Page 263: Knees Please
Page 262: Big Joe
Page 261: Made in the USA

Page 260: 1978 Errosion
Page 259: "Malibu Makeshift"
Page 258: D.LLoyd Flex
Page 257: Mellor-Proneman Cousins
Page 256: Craig's List Liddle $65
Page 255: M.Thiel Restoration
Page 254: N.Van Bruggen "Spoon" Find
Page 253: J. David Gets Wet
Page 252: K.Albers Two
Page 251: J. Takarabe

Page 250: Esteban Bojorquez
Page 249: Larry Bonner Retiree
Page 248: B. Emmons via Roscioli
Page 247: B. Cory Mint 9'9"
Page 246: R. Sadler 68er
Pabe 245: More Mr. R. Miller
Page 244: J. Thomas Flex Rod
Page 243: R. Miller September 2011
Page 242: Pizzatime RPT
Page 241: M. Brunschwiler
Page 240: R. Condor

Page 239: Damon Model

Page 238: Safady Prone
Page 237: M. Brown Vacation

Page 236: Stephen Rioles Spoon
Page 235: B. Grieff Keeper
Page 234: J. Wills "V"
Page 233: J. David
Page 232: K.Albers Gun Find
Page 231: 1969 Malibu Sand Fill
Page 230: Kelley Holgate
Page 229: Brad D.
Page 228: G.L Beginnings
Page 227: Lee V Flex
Page 226: Albers Gun Find
Page 225: J.Gamboa
Page 224: Vintage Liddles
Page 223: More G. Cooper
Page 222: Blast from the Past
Page 221: More T.Warren

Page 220: McDonald Potpourri
Page 219:
Page 218: #1111
Page:217: Much More D.M.
Page 216: S. Hoffman Contrast Quiver

Page 215: Mini Spoon
Page 214: Cosmic Casagrande

Page 213: Sean 4000 Find
Page 212: P. Suprenant Find
Page 211: Nuked Liddles

Page 210: Trim Go Out
Page 209: K. Erselius Fish Find
Page 208: Saenger Gun Find
Page 207
:  E. Gross Find
Page 206: Johnny on S. Hadley
Page205: R. Salcedo Discovery
Page 204: Cenen Aparicio Find
Page 203: Hadley Doucette Find
Page 202: M.Vance
Page 201: Sean's JB find

Page 200: K. Albers Kelping It
Page 199: S. Mires C. List Find
Page 198: W. Goad's Keeper
Page 197: G.Kaplan Pintail
Page 196: Last LB via Sean M.
Page 195: G. West "ID"
Page 194: Wing Nose Find
Page 193: D.Flanders Original
Page 192: S.Michaels Reverse
Page 191: Chris in Trim

Page 190: Brian Hoover Find
Page 189: Lonely Liddles
Page 188: Vincent Roure

Page 187: Yasuhira Ide
Page 186: G.Hariri Trim

Page 185: M.Brown Reef Smoothie
Page 184: Luke Saunders via Ireland
Page 183: K. Albers via Feinblatt
Page 182: SK's aka EB's Checker Past
Page 181: Mystery Find, Help?

Page 180: Jdub's X-05 Find
Page 179: Ryan Thomas Reef Smoothie
Page 178: M. Rohrer Find
Page 177: J.Church Find
Page 176: J. Robotham
Page 175: Orion's Old and New
Page 174: Max's Reef Smoothie
Page 173: Jdub's Custom
Page 172: Condor in Flight
Page 171: Erick Fritz

Page 170: Paul Casteneda
Page 169: Mike Hopkins Casualty
Page 168: Mike Brown Collection
Page 167: Steen Freeberg
Page 166: Tyler Warren
Page 165: Keith Miller find
Page 164: Bruce Tricomi
Page 163: Alex Kopps Pasque Find
Page 162: Alex Knost Find
Page 161: R.Thomas on S. Hadley

Page 160: Joe Gawszner
Page 159: Michael Roulston's Irish Quiver
Page 158: More Scott Mires
Page 157: Dave Fernandes via Gary Larson
Page 156: Aussie Quad Find
Page 155: Mike Hopp Backside
Page 154: Coghlan Extreme Template Save
Page 153: Troy Gielish
Page 152: Val A. Smoothies It
Page 151: Matt Miller Super Smoothies

Page 150: Jason Hall
Page 149: Greg Gorgas and #013
Page 148: Jason Hall
Page 147: Luna Aloha!
Page 146: Dr. Miller 80's
Page 145: Mr. M. Miller
Page 144: Val A's Rides
Page 143: Scott Mires Tuck
Page 142: Alex Knost in France
Page 141: Val A. at Malibu

Page 140: Alex Kopps C.P. Find
Page 139: J. Long
Page 138: Kopps Cut Down
Page 137: Roger Overhead
Page 136: Cesar Sans Friends
Page 135: Cesar and Friends
Page 134: Blackie and a Fish
Page 133: RT II
Page 132: R. Rydjeski
Page 131: RT m3p

Page 130: John Wills
Page 129: Paul Gross
Page 128: Jdub Semi-gun find
Page 127: #2784 via Sean and Kathie
Page 126: S. Krajewski Porfolio
Page 125: Crude Beginning
Page 124: B. Himlan Creation
Page 123: Mr. Morlats Super Smoothie
Page 121: Kirsten at Malibu

Page 120: Luna's Liddles
Page 119: D. Liddle
Page 118: 1969 Rincon Aftermath
Page 117: 1969 Showroom
Page 116: JP and Sk
Page 115: Sam Panossian
Page 114: Luke Horgan's Finds
Page 113: 40 Years Apart
Page 112: Lenny's Lefts
Page 111: Masa Inbetweens It

Page 110: Andrew & The Micros
Page 109: Mr. Hadley BT
Page 108: Mr. McDonald
Page 107: Bird Surf Check
Page 106: T. Elsner Sequence
Page 105: Lonnnngggg One
Page 104: More Mr. Peach
Page 103: Mr. Easter
Page 102: Mr. Peach
Page 101: T. Elsner 2009

Page One Hundred: Nakata Find
Page Ninety Nine: #4079
Page Ninety Eight: Janitor Alert!
Page Ninety Seven: '68 V Bottom
Page Ninety Six: The Two R's
Page Ninety Five: Mr Peach

Page Ninety Four: Hull Gun Extreme
Page Ninety Three: C.Vail via G.C.
Page Ninety Two: K Albers Tight Rights
Page Ninety One: Colorama 2008

Page Ninety: Plan Shape Variations
Page Eighty Nine: Craig's List 1968 Discovery
Page Eighty Eight: Brunschweiler Two
Page Eighty Seven: E. Mirandon Find
Page Eighty Six: 70's Round Pins
Page Eighty Five: 2005 GL Hawaiikine
Page Eighty Four: 70's Semi Gun
Page Eighty Three: Last Jaws?
Page Eighty Two: Kirk Putnam's Stringerless
Page Eighty One: Five Up 1968 - 2008

Page Eighty
: Liddle Shop Close 1989
Page Seventy Nine: Brad D. at Sand Spit
Page Seventy Eight: Liddle Cadaver
Page Seventy Seven: Sean's Colored Old Liddle
Page Seventy Six: Steve Hadley's Stubby
Page Seventy Five: JAWS
Page Seventy Four: Nobu's Liddle Longboard
Page Seventy Three: Roger Lyon Quiver
Page Seventy Two: Kathie Lawrence
Page Seventy One:
More Jdub

Page Seventy: Brad Dutkewicz

Page Sixty Nine: M. Brown
Page Sixty Eight: Allison Miller
Page Sixty Seven: S Hadley "Stubby"
Page Sixty Six: Randy Rydjeski
Page Sixty Five: Michael Cohen @ Playa Negra
Page Sixty Four: Brian Himlan Stubby
Page Sixty Three: Robb Pigg Point Breaker
Page Sixty Two: J. Mell
Page Sixty One: Albers Family

Page Sixty: John Wills aka "Jdub
Page Fifty Nine: Ed Salven
Page Fifty Eight: Brian Caulkins and Friends
Page Fifty Seven: Wesley Herron
Page Fifty Six: John Long
Page Fifty Five: Chad Marshall
Page Fifty Four: Cash Strux and Scott
Page Fifty Two: Dave Cutter Beach Breaker
Page Fifty One: M. Bruns via G. Coop

Page Fifty: Jason Foster's 5'5" Find
Page Forty Nine: Keith Awad 1968 "V"
Page Forty Eight: Paul Casteneda Find
Page Forty Seven: Alan Casagrande Historical Portfolio
Page Forty Six: Daniel Harris' New Pointbreaker
Page Forty Five: Rick Miller Quiver Two
Page Forty Three: Mr. Matthews Gun
Page Forty Two: Daryl Van Druff Find
Page Forty One: Triconi CTail Find

Page Forty: New Sean Mcdonald's '68 Find
Page Thirty Nine: J. Critides Point Breaker
Page Thirty Eight: Mike McElvaney Tahiti
Page Thirty Seven: Matt Coats Leviathan
Page Thirty Six: Scott Drew's Find
Page Thirty Five: Nick Bobroff Quiver
Page Thirty Four: Sam Hoffman collection
Page Thirty Three: Christian Wadman find
Page Thirty Two:
More Mr. Malloy

Page Thirty One: Rich Durham's Ola

Page Thirty: Mr. D. Malloy in Trim
Page Twenty Nine: R. Powell Inbetweener
Page Twenty Eight: Easter Quiver
Page Twenty Seven: David's Pair
Page Twenty Six: Tim Elsner at Play
Page Twenty Five: Howell's Double
Page Twenty Four: Fish from the Past
Page Twenty Three: Bernie Tostenson Quiver
Page Twenty Two: Sean's New Three
Page Twenty One: Morlat's "V"

Page Twenty: Kappenesque
Page Nineteen: Keith E. find

Page Eighteen: Abberation?
Page Seventeen: Unusuals
Page Sixteen: Rich Engel 1982 Twin Fin
Page Fifteen: Gene Cooper
Page Fourteen:
Wesley Davis M3P variant

Page Thirteen: Liddle 001 c/o John Matthews
Page Twelve: Survivor from Mindee & Griff
Page Eleven: Paul Diamond Quiver

Page Ten:
Early Stubby
Page Nine:Ken McKnight variation
Page Eight:Sean McDonald Collection, page three
Page Seven:Sean McDonald Collection, page two
Page Six:Sean McDonald Collection, page one
Page Five:Northern California Find
Page Four: Contrasts
Page Three: C.P. Design
Page Two: George and Rick M.
Page One: Rights and Lefts